Understanding the Octopus Guard in BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s guard-playing style appeals to a lot of grapplers. In terms of defense, the guard enables you to build up assaults by sweeping your opponent and gaining a dominant position or applying different submissions that potentially terminate the match. BJJ is an avenue for creative expression. Nothing beats the fundamentals, but as you get better, playing guard gives you greater freedom to be creative with your BJJ and even to partially circumvent some of its basic rules. Today, we’ll

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Looking at the Buggy Choke in BJJ

A grappler’s confidence in BJJ depends on how well they can get out of bad positions. Knowing how to get away is like having a safety net if someone wants to hit you. It gives you the confidence to be creative on the mats. It might be a unique way to do BJJ, but you can also set up traps that lead to submissions from weaker positions that will get attention. The buggy choke, usually done from bottom-side control, is

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Why Muay Thai Makes a Great Corporate Bonding Activity

Strong and cohesive teams that function like well-oiled machines would be beneficial in any business. These teams significantly contribute to an organization’s longevity, effectiveness, and financial stability. However, building a strong team is a continuous process beyond the hiring stage. A successful team-building activity will consider the diverse personalities of your team members. The goal is to persuade everyone to join in, especially the more reticent, skeptical, or reserved individuals. Well-planned group activities will bring team members out of their

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Glossary of Elbows and Punches for Muay Thai

Remembering all the elbows and punches you need to know when you first start learning Muay Thai can be challenging. We’ve put together a list of some of the most important Muay Thai types of elbows and punches to help you out. Underneath each term is a short description of what the elbow or punch is and a brief explanation of how to perform the move. Elbows Crossing Elbow To perform a crossing elbow, move your pointed elbow to the

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Top 9 BJJ Hand Grips You Should Know

In every BJJ match, the standup comes first, followed by closing the gap. When we grapple, the first thing we do with our opponent is get our hold on them. Grapplers can get ahead of the game by having strong grips, which helps them win. Today, we are going to talk about the nine most popular hand grips used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ Gripping Grapplers initiate contact with their opponents through gripping. If you use grips correctly, you can plan

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Everything You Need to Know About the Deep Half Guard in BJJ

BJJ, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is a grappling sport that encourages fights on many different levels. If you want to fight like in Judo, you can stand up and grapple or lie on the floor and grapple. This second method is called “playing guard.” The deep half guard is an important type of guard we’ll discuss today. Understanding the Guard The guard is defensive, requiring you to protect your opponent with your body. Like a stronghold, your defense should be sturdy

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